Cultural Heritage Research Projects: text review and consultation service

The Korea Heritage Education Institute has carried out many research projects on the contents of knowledge and information provided on-site at heritage sites and also via different tools including digital devices and internet.

Research on Cultural Heritage Interpretation Text and Panel System: Report 2014

The KHEI conducted research of interpretation texts of government-managed historic sites in Korea in 2014 by analyzing the use of terminology, expressions, delivery and translation into foreign languages.

Published by the Korea Cultural Heritage Administration
272 pages
Published in December, 2014

The 1st Asia-Pacific Roundtable on Visibility o Intangible cultural Heritage

Officials from nine Asia and the Pacific countries were invited to an experimental collaborative initiative. The program was designed to train officials in charge of intangible heritage with audio-visual equipment so that their traditional arts and crafts could be recorded and preserved.

Published by the Korea Heritage Education Institute
196 pages
Published in December, 2010

Utilizing Cultural Heritage Digital Resources and Education Policy

Research on enhancing significance of cultural heritages through digitalized presentation including the use of 3D technology, curating the interpretation texts both in Korean and in foreign languages.

Published by the Korea Heritage Education Institute
235 pages
Published in October, 2010