The Korea Heritage Education Institute has completed the first stage of digital archives building project for the UNESCO Memory of the World (MOW) documents from the National Debt Redemption Movement of 1907-1910.

Some 3,000 documents — manifestos, declarations, letters, newspaper articles and financial records — from this historical voluntary fund-raising movement of the Korean people to keep the national sovereignty from Japan were translated into English. Selected documents were also translated into Chinese and Japanese.

Three teams of experts , a translation team, a data archive team and a visual presentation and semantic content design team from the Academy of Korean Studies, the history and museum lanaguage service and the Korea Heritage Lab joined their efforts for some 3 years.

National Debt Redemption Movement Association presents general information and information on the documents while

National Debt Semantic Archives http:///

offers historical situation of that era surrounding the Korean peninsula when Sino-Japan war, Russo-Japan war and colonization of Korea and other Asian countries was pushed forward by Japan.