A Group of Social Leaders for Study of Korean Heritage

Founded in 2011 by a group of social leaders from the academia, lawmakers, CEOs, cultural communities and the press, the Korea Cultural Heritage Forum aims at bringing people’s attention to the importance of history education in the nation. The Korea Heritage Education Institute (KHEI) serves as the secretariat for this forum, which runs with annual membership fee paid by the members without receiving donations or sponsorship.


Korean re-purchased Legation Building in Washington DC in 2012, which Japan usurped in 1905 by the Protectorate Treaty. The members of the Korea Heritage Education Institute played a key role in this re-purchase project.

Dr. Lee Hong-gu, chairman of the foundation poses with Dr. Lee Bae-yong on behalf of the Forum and co-winning director Ms. Park Eun-ha of the Foreign Ministry.

In recognition of the Forum’s critical role in successfully negotiating and purchasing back the old Korean Empire Legation building in Washington D.C., the Youngsan Foundation awarded the “2012 Diplomats Prize of the Year” to the Forum.