Kim Ji-myung

Developing a Digital Archive and Curation Model for Historical Documents: Focusing on the National Debt Redemption Movement in Korea

The research is to develop a digital curation model for historical documents, focusing on the records of the National Debt Redemption Movement of Korea. The data on events and persons from the records need to be collected and built into a semantic database in which the relational information between these data is embedded. It was confirmed that new story themes for historical narratives that could not be found from the assemblage of individual data were discovered through the semantic database. This study developed a data-based historical representation model, which presents a new paradigm of digital curation.

Publisher: Bogosa Publishing House
222 pages
Published in 2018

The Hidden Dimension by Edward T. Hall

Translated by Kim Ji-myung

E. T. Hall tries to find answers to questions on the different level of spatial requirements between people and between man and things.

Published by Jeongeum-sa
282 pages
Published in 1984

English Proverb Dictionary

The origin and background of English Proverbs are explained.

Published by Jisik-saneop-sa
256 pages
Published 1989, 1991, 1993

New Terminology Dictionary

The first of its kind, the dictionary was in hot demand as with the beginning of information and technology era, new words appeared everyday in the international newspapers and magazines.

Published by Yeolum-sa
262 pages
Published in 1988, 1989, 1991